At INTO Sport we build bridges between brands & their fans, between governments & members, between Clubs & their ambitions.
No bigger Engagement than in Sports…that is why we are INTO Sport. Sport organisers & fans don’t act without passion, without throwing their heart and soul into their club, their game, their goal.


Our passionate team of event communication & brand specialists help you to define the strategy to reach your ambition. A toolbox of data driven solutions, an expert-centre of field production & an understanding of your engaging audience create the energy for our concept development.

From full event service, to brand & sponsor activation & a keened out communication plan; INTO Sport provides solutions for companies, governments & federations with the purpose to create long term wins for all players in our game.

Our Field of Work

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Our rules

Ethics in Sports & Ethics in Business go hand in hand. Open communication, long term goals & the creation of mutual wins are the fundaments of our DNA.
We support Sport, because it is in our partnership DNA. We believe we can create value for audiences, brands & sport organizers. We play with our heart, we play to win & we play by rules of fairplay in order to reach our long-term goal