Nieuwjaarsduik Zemst

Full Event Production

Briefing & challenge:

The year 2020 promised to be a good one. On the 3rd weekend of January, the city of Zemst, celebrates their 250 volunteers, together with another 750 invites on the beach of Hofstade.
The public domain of Sport Vlaanderen is opened to participate in the first edition of the Zemst Winter Dive : ‘Nieuwjaarsduik Zemst’.

101 enthusiasts were warmed up properly by a professional animator, before running into the water (with a temperature of 7.5°). The winter sun was present but did not provide too much warmth.

INTO Sport provides all logistics, catering & animation for the event. Of course, healthcare services & professional lifeguards are part of this scope. Even a professional safety team of divers is part of the security & healthcare supervision.



  • 1500 attendees
  • 100 ice bears
  • 3500 hot chocolates & soups

Only satisfied participants & a happy mayor



Pictures: Copyright Gemeente Zemst